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Who we are

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At, which is accessible through the link, one of our main priorities is to protect and secure the privacy of visitors. This privacy policy document contains all crucial pieces of information that has been collected by itself and this is how we use it.

If you have any questions, queries, and concerns regarding any information on this page, you can write us down in details and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

This privacy policy is only application to all our online activities on this website and it is only valid for our audience that views and reads out content. We hereby are not responsible for any breach of privacy that has been shared through any channels, websites and blogs that our visitors view on the World Wide Web.

Personal Consent

By using our website, we hereby consent to each word mentioned in our privacy policy and we agree to these terms and conditions.

Information that we gather and collect

The personal information that you are asked to share with us and the reason why you are asked to share the details at any point will be for a reason. It will be made clear to you as to why we ask you to provide us with any of your personal information.

If you write to us or contact us with your query, we may receive some of your information such as your name, email address and contextual message that you will use to convey your opinions or questions to us. These pieces of information would never be shared with any other channel and party as it is heralded as a violation of privacy and personal information.

Since we are offering top-notch packages related to social services and social growth, all of the information that you will provide us during the checkout and signup procedures would be secured and kept private at all times.

How we will use your information

We may collect some of your information in order to be able to serve our customers and users in a better way, however, moire possible for collecting some of the user details are mentioned below:

  • Operate and maintain our website to make it more functional.
  • Improved the user experience and customized some features for better navigation.
  • Expand our website for improved visibility.
  • Understand and make an analysis on how you view and use our website, products and services.
  • Develop new strategies for creating useful packages and services to be able to cater to the needs of our customers.
  • Communicate with customers and visitors, either directly through the website or using the third party software to share crucial details about our ongoing promotions, new packages and essential information related to our website.
  • Analyse and prevent fraudulent activities.

Log files for information follow a standard procedure of using log files to keep track of customers and visitors when they visit our packages, information shared on it and overall any content of our website. All hosting companies do it to make a personal analytic report of users on a particular website and our interface is no exception. The information of each user is registered in log files including IP address (Internet protocol), browser type, device used, Internet server provider (USP), date and time of the visit, referral pages, and possible number of pages viewed by a visitor. The log file also maintains data on how long a user stays on the website and what are the exit pages. All these information are for improving the website performance and visibility, by no means they are linked to stealing or retrieving personal information of any information to use later for any unethical practices.

The purpose of collecting information in log files is to analyze the trends, administer the site, and track users to make better navigation and browsing strategies on the website. The demographic of users are used to assess the marketing needs for a particular region, state and country.

Cookie Policy

Just like the World Wide Web, uses “Cookies and web beacons”, and they are used to store some necessary information with the consent of the users that access our website or visit it. With the consent of our user, we may store a couple of information related to their IP address and location, this is just to optimize the user experience by customizing the web page for increasing their speed and browsing type for the user.

Although we are not using any third party advertisement on our website as of now yet we may integrate their services anytime in the future. Third party ads may use technologies that save cookies, JavaScript and web beacons to store some information from the user that are sent to the browser. When this information is collected by the ad server your IP address may appear on their interface, which is just for making a demographic report about the users who visit the ads. The information will never be sold to any third party marketing services for campaigns and additionally it will never be used anywhere else on any website without consent of the user.

Note that has no access to the cookies collected and used by any third party marketing and advertising services, however we assure that all of your data and information you provide through our website or on our website using contact us form will be protected under all conditions.

Products and services

We at strive to maintain a confidential relationship with all our visitors and customers. Any piece of information shared before and after the purchase will be held private and secured. All payments go through a secured checkout module to protect the identity and money theft from hackers and third party websites that may be engaged in stealing information from the user’s account. We assure that all your private and personal details are secured on our website and they will never be used anywhere else for any marketing or monetary reasons.

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